How to Accomplish Anything

1. Decide what you want to accomplish (e.g. build cars)
2. Decide on the final action of your accomplishment (e.g. move new car into lot)
3. Decide the starting point (e.g. have factory and parts)
4. Refine objective (e.g. assemble cars from supply of parts)
5. Simplify (e.g. build just one car)
6. Decide on step just before last (e.g. start engine & put into gear)
7. Decide on step just prior to that (e.g. put gas into gas tank)
8. On each step decide what is needed to do that (e.g. gas pump inside factory)
9. Write down each step going back to beginning, along with what is needed
10. Go forward from beginning to end and refine steps
11. When in doubt about a step, visualize and improvise
12. Due diligence: consult experts who have done it successfully