Useful Info

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” This concept is what Thomas Jefferson added to the American Declaration of Independence. These are noble aims, for sure, but something is awry with these words. I appreciate having my life and liberty and being able to pursue happiness, but that is rather self-centered. It is about flowing in. What about flowing out to keep things balanced? I believe that usefulness to others should be what I deliver in exchange for these perks.

We are constantly bombarded with advertising, day in and day out. It becomes too much and we tend to tune out those messages. It’s not just advertising, though. The news media are merchants of chaos; they shower us with stories about wars, murders, mayhem; disease and disasters. Seldom do they tell us about good people doing good things. Instead, they specialize in making us feel bad and insecure.

But useful information is something else. That’s the idea behind this blog. Its purpose is to provide information you can apply to gain new skills; to provide technical tips and tricks that help you get results. But we are not limited to technical topics. No reason to exclude other information that may improve your life in some way.

I invite you to sign up for this blog’s RSS feed, or use he Email sign-up form. I also invite you to comment and submit any info that you feel may be useful to others.